Get Involved

Step 1 / Tier 1: Become an Explorer

You like what you've seen and want to learn more!


As an Explorer you will participate in meetings and any available learning opportunities. You'll refine your ideas about how you want to live and find out what we have to offer.

Cost: $200 per household, plus $10 monthly membership per person

You get:​​

  • Four months to participate in meetings and decide if this project and community are for you

Step 2 / Tier 2: Become a Groundbreaker

You've learned about cohousing, you've been to meetings, and you've made friends. You know this is the project for you, and you're ready to commit. Your fees for this tier will provide funding for planning and professional costs. As someone invested in the project, you'll participate in decision-making about the project and community.

Cost: $2000 per household (non-refundable, must demonstrate ability to pay tier 3 costs)

You get:

  • Placed in line for choice of residence

  • Full information access, including financial and real-estate

  • Power to participate in decision-making and design as a full member

Step 3 / Tier 3: Become a Neighbour

You've made an investment and committed to seeing it through - now it's time to buy a house in the community you've helped to build. 

Cost: Ultimately, you will need to pay for your home, as well as a share of community facilities and expenses. Ideally, approximately $25,000 will be required for professional fees, land, building and associated costs. Additional payments will be needed as the building progresses. 

You get:

  • A private residence and access to shared spaces (community building, workshops, gardens, etc)

Get in touch! Be an observer

Register by phone or email so we can tell you the basics. You're then welcome to attend two business meetings as an observer.

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