We’ve put a lot of thought into the future of Windsor Cohousing, and decided to take a hiatus of undetermined length. There are two big reasons for this. 


The first reason is a simple lack of numbers. We generated a lot of interest and excitement around cohousing, and talked to a lot of wonderful people. Only a few were at a place in their lives and finances where they could contribute their time and, crucially, money to getting a cohousing project off the ground. Without funds to secure property, hire consultants, and so forth, there is no way forward. 


The other reason for our hiatus is a happier one. Treehouse Village Ecohousing in Bridgewater has been making tremendous strides towards building a cohousing village. They have a larger group with more committed members, and are further along in their process, already designing the architecture of their village. Those of us who are ready and able to buy want to be in cohousing sooner rather than later, so rather than duplicating Treehouse’s efforts, we’re folding our most committed members into their group. Seeing a cohousing community competed in the maritimes will be a huge win for everyone interested in cohousing, and will help pave the way for future groups to succeed. 


The time and place are not right for Windsor right now. Maybe that will change, or maybe another opportunity to create cohousing will emerge elsewhere in the province. In the meantime, we’re keeping the conversation going. 


Our Facebook group has been renamed Nova Scotia Cohousing Association, and will be a place to share ideas and information as we continue to find ways forward for Cohousing in Nova Scotia. This website will shut down before the new year.


We encourage anyone who was interested in Windsor Cohousing to check out Treehouse Village Ecohousing at, and to join the Nova Scotia Cohousing Association group on Facebook to keep abreast of any new cohousing developments. 


Thank you all so much for the interest and support you’ve shown us. Our focus has shifted, and our cohousing dreams continue to thrive.




Windsor Cohousing

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